Appellation: Mount Harlan
Varietal: Pinot Noir

  Profile #1
Distinctive Style
Appearance Bright garnet, varying from quite light to very dark.
Aroma Complex, multi-dimensional, with striking resemblance to Cotes d'Or grands crus. Floral elements include violets, lavendar and rose; bright red fruits: cranberry, pomegranate and plum; local drought-tolerant herb scents, including sage, bayleaf and thyme; spice elements including anise, cardamom and allspice; and complexing elements of seaweed and wet stone.
Flavor Supple but angular tannins which vary in concentration from site to site, very energetic flavors and pronounced minerally finish.
Balance Moderate alcohol and acidity. Wines of assertive character best appreciated as distinctive expressions of place. The bigger wines tend to have extraordinary longevity but tend to be closed in youth.
Oenological Natural winemaking. Gravity feed. Whole clusters, 100% stems inclusion, native yeast. Aged on fine lees with minimum racking. No filtration.
Viticultural Same Cotes d'Or clone throughout (no Dijon clones). Plantings begun in 1975. Irrigation is practiced as necessary if water is available. Rootstocks vary.
Terroir All vineyards have limestone (paleozoic marble, aged 400 million years). Vineyards differ mostly in aspect and rockiness. Dry to very dry, so not much vintage variation in yield and concentration.