Appellation: Monterey
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc

  Profile #1
Appearance Pale.
Aroma Very fresh. Aroma accents of snap pea or hints of anaheim chilis are carried by extravagant fresh melon perfume. A good alternative to New Zealand or South African SB.
Flavor Lush, round and crisp. Straightforward flavors finish cleanly and refreshingly. Perfect with seafood or thai cuisine.
Balance Laserlike focus.
Oenological Admirably, the large local wineries have accepted their fruit's sauvage tendencies by producing elegantly simple, straightforward Sauvignons through cold stainless steel fermentation.
Viticultural Although this appellation has sunken river bed to its west which shelters vines from wind, this is reserved for red wines, and chardonnay is grown mostly on the exposed alluvial fan to the east, owing its richness, ripeness and natural sweetness to its distance from the Pacific and its rocky subsoils.
Terroir Flat, sandy, irrigated desert. Natural air conditioning courtesy of daily gales from the Pacific can bring out vegetal characteristics in Bordeaux varieties.