Appellation: Santa Cruz Mountains
Varietal: Chardonnay

  Profile #1
Appearance Straw-gold to honey-gold, or even darker. These wines are so rich that they often carry a gold to amber hue which indicates density rather than oxidation. Never judge this book by its color!
Aroma Marmalade, beeswax, lemon oil and bow rosin can be accented in some locales with mountain herbs and wildflowers such as sage, mustard, or dandelion, and one often catches a glimpse of a seductive peaty malt scotch character.
Flavor Massive weight. Rich peach, honey, tamarind and pineapple, with an appetizing finish reminiscent of orange peel or bitters.
Balance Tremendous minerality and crisp acidity prevent any possibility of cloying. Despite their weightiness, these wines dance across the palate.
Oenological Traditional small scale Burgundian practices with each vintner supplying their individual twist. Extensive ageing in neutral or downplayed wood, lees batonage. Mostly unique single vineyard wines, though the blends can be the best balanced.
Viticultural These wines are grown by a spiritual culture more interested in excellence than economy. Tiny, hand-tended plots employing minimalist principles.
Terroir Mountain glens bathed in fog and ocean air and basking in high altitude sunlight. Water-retaining soils which assist dry-farming and organic practices.