Rocky Knob (AVA)
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The unfortunately named Rocky Knob AVA appears to be a case of premature application. The original petitioner for the appellation, Woolwine Winery, no longer exists, but two other wineries now operate in the area. The AVA is located in a mountainous area east of the well-traveled Blue Ridge Parkway in southwest Virginia. The area was granted its AVA petition based on having a colder spring, with bloom occurring one week after the surrounding area, and high winds that reduce frost accumulation. Soils in the area are a mixture of silt loam and gravel, providing necessary drainage. Of the two wineries, only Chateau Morrissette has, on occasion, used the Rocky Knob name on some of its products. The progressive Villa Appalaccia focuses on Italian varietals, including Malvasia Bianca, Sangiovese, and Corvina for production of an Amarone-style wine. However, Villa Appalachia does not use the AVA designation, as their vineyards may or may not fall within the AVA boundary. Only time will tell if consumers will demand to see the Rocky Knob designation on products from the area.

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